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Basics of the Forestry Industry

Awareness of a country’s natural resources is a significant step in having a well-established and well-managed system for these benefits. Natural bounties such as forests should be handled well to sustain and provide for the present and future generations needs. In addition, well-managed natural resources benefit other habitant species and prevent future adverse environmental consequences.

For those of you who are thinking about investing in the forestry industry, here is some basic information to what you should expect.

If you partake in an approved forestry course, this could open doors to a plethora of different career opportunities.

Jobs in forestry can include planning and overseeing forestry operations, working with indigenous (native) or commercial forests, silviculture, harvesting and conservation work.

The forestry industry is and will be a key player in climate change technology, including conservation and sustainable resources.

You will first need to decide what area of forestry appeals you.

This will suit people who are interested in:

– plants and trees
– outdoor and physical work
– working with tools, machinery and equipment
– conservation and the environment
– planning and organising
– coordinating forest operations including managing staff, contractors and budgets

The many different areas of forestry mean that there are positions ranging anywhere from a ranger or machinery operator, right through to an environmental engineer or scientist.

For many forestry jobs you will learn on the job, and can complete national certificates while working. For others you need to have experience in the industry, and/or a qualification such as a national certificate, diploma, degree or postgraduate degree to enter the job.

A lot of companies are encouraging workers to complete formal training due to factors such as:

– the strict safety standards required when working in forests
– the need to maximise worker productivity
– the use of technology, such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), automated harvesting equipment and data collecting devices

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