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Cross Cultural Communication
Cross cultural training, language tuition and translation services.
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Culture Options
Intercultural Training & Consulting: Expats, Diversity, Teams, Projects, Negotiations, Human Resources.
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Delta Intercultural Academy
A knowledge and learning community for all those professionally interested or involved in intercultural business and management communication. Based in Germany.
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European resources (books, specialist speakers bureau, training) for understanding of intercultural communications and relations in Europe.
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Farnham Castle
Centre for International Briefing and Conference Centre in the UK, providing intercultural training on business effectiveness to company or government employees.
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Global Vision Strategies
Offering cross-cultural training, relocation services, translation services and global management training for employees and executives on foreign assignments Based USA.
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Culture Bridging Fundamentals book. Designed to help companies through mergers, acquisitions and alliances.
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InterAct International
International management consultancy based UK specialising in international cross-border communication and use of languages in Europe. Undertakes research on use of languages in business.
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Consultants for business culture and international management. Based on work of Professor Geert Hofstede. Central office in Holland, with world-wide franchises.
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Nipporica, Consultancy and Training
Weaving strength from differences: A cross-cultural communications firm dedicated to promoting the opportunities presented by the diversity of our global and multicultural society. Based USA, Japan focus.
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Pharos International
Bureau for international cultural business projects.
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Project IDEELS
Brings together diverse group of educators & researchers from 5 tertiary institutions in Europe sharing a common interest: simulations and games to foster creativity & richness of cultural diversity and address the challenges facing Europe.
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Protocol and Etiquette Services
Provides communication, presentation & protocol skills for success in international business & social arenas.
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Richard Lewis Communications
Provider of training & support in cross culture and language skills development.
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The CTM Forum
Corporate Travel and Meetings Forum. (June 14, 2001)
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The ITDF Forum
IT Director's Forum. Workshops: Customer Relationship Management. (June 20, 2001)
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The Organizing Committee of Intenational Children's Art Exhibition of the Ministry of Culture
Present the world level of art from the children all over the world, especially explore the chinese culture transmit to the true feeling of the world.
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Trans-Cultural Relations
Provides cross-cultural training, coaching, multinational team building, intercultural negotiation workshops, and expatriate support services in Switzerland and Germany.
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