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Allied Packaging
Packaging equipment, systems, and supplies.
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Ambassador Packaging
Online distributor and converter of protective packaging products. UK.
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Anders Bendt A/S
Manufactures dry bag desiccant for cargo shipping. Includes products for shippers and consumers, technical information, and profile.
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Anjeff Mfg. Corp.
Manufacturer of vinyl products and packaging. Clear and colored pouches, pockets, menu and wine list covers, custom designs and vinyl components for industry.
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Atlantic Poly
Polyethylene products including poly bags, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and shrink film.
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Badger Plug
Manufacturers of roll suspension and protection products. Plugs from metal, plastic and wood. Spool and pad plugs, tube closures and additional disposable packaging materials. Also, materials recycling services.
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Beford Products
Manufacture and distribute vinyl plastic envelopes with brass grommets.
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Canada Mayer Sealing Devices
Manufacturer of security seals. Seals used by airlines, banks, armored car companies, utilities, railroads, road haul transports. Worldwide distribution.
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Carton Edge Ltd
Manufacturers of cutting edges for cartons and packaging. UK.
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Manufacturer of custom protective package systems and customized components.
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Closures Bouchons MAC
Closures manufacturer. Develops, manufactures, design, and supplies plastic closures.
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Coda Plastics Limited
Manufacturers of injection and blow moulding of plastic packaging components.
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Conductive Containers, Inc.
Designs and manufactures static protective packaging for a wide range of the electronics market including the automotive, medical, commercial and defense industries.
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Danco Industries, Inc.
Manufacturers and distributors of poly bags, zip locks, shipping and packing materials, tubing, tape, and related products.
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Paper based cushion packaging system for protection of goods in transit.
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ECO AIR Packaging
Environmentally safe protective, inexpensive flotation suspension, patented air packaging system. ECO AIR Packaging is ecological, economical, folding corrugated suspension packaging, without foam or dunnage. 100% recyclable.
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Fabrifoil, Inc.
Manufactures brand identification products such as printing foil, coated label tapes, printed labels, and woven labels.
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FlexFilm, Ltd
UK. Polythene films for shrink and wrapping applications, form-fill packaging and laminations.
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Manufacturer of bulk bags for the transportation of dry flowables.
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FP International Packaging Products
Manufacturers of protective packaging products and materials. Air cushions, loosefill, polyethylene foam, polystyrene packaging, packing peanuts, and material handling equipment.
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