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Acos Vic Ltd.
Manufacturing, trading and associated services for wires, drawing steel bars and tubes and laminates for carbon and alloyed.
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Admiral Steel L.P.
Service center specializing in high carbon steel and alloys.
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American Alloy Steel.
Specializing in quality alloy and carbon plate, plate products and round bar for petrochemical and process plant.
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American Tank and Fabricating.
Manufacturer of component parts, fabricated vessels, and other steel and alloy products.
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Arjay Industries.
Custom stainless steel and alloy metal fabricator of process vessels, pressure vessels, shell and tube heat exchangers, batch digesters, oxygen towers, piping systems, and tanks.
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Bar Processing Corporation.
Service steel mills, bearing manufacturers, shaft makers and other companies that utilize alloy bar and tube.
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Manufactures steel alloys and stainless steel.
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Crucible Service Centers.
Distributor of tool, die, high speed and alloy steel used to make tooling for metalforming, machining, casting, forging, rolling and plastic injection processing.
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Dacro Industries Ltd.
Design and fabrication of large, complex, heavy pressure vessels from carbon, alloy and clad steels for all types of resource industry applications.
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Jade-Sterling Steel Co., Inc.
Specializing in the distribution of production quantities of SBQ carbon and alloy bar, rod, and wire.
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Kentucky Electric Steel.
Manufactures alloy and carbon steel bar flats for a variety of niche markets.
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QuesTek Innovations.
Uses mechanistic computational models to develop steels and alloys optimally balanced for strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance.
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Xinghua Metallurgic Castings Co.,Ltd.
Supplier of cast iron products, stainless steel, alloy steel, and carbon steel applicable in auto fitting, mine machinery, and pump fitting.
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