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We specialise in providing foreign language communication to businesses and individuals around Australia and worldwide. With a database of more than 200 interpreters and translators across most languages, Expresstranslate offers professional translations by NAATI accredited translators and quality services at all times.
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Abingdon Business Communciations
Translation, interpreting and language tuition. Company based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.
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Acadia Translations
Fast, affordable and professional English / Russian translation and interpretation with three way conference calling.
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Alpha Translation
Interpreting, translation and conference equipment. Based in Frankfurt (Oder) and Berlin in Germany, and Moscow in Russia.
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Translation, layout and interpreting services, based in Germany.
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Australian Interpreting Service
Interpreting and translation in the field of international trade.
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Calliope Interpreters
Interpreting in many languages by a worldwide network of conference and consultant interpreters.
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CI - Congressos e Incentivos, Lda
Interpretation, conference and simultaneous interpretation, and conference work, in Portuguese, German, Danish, Spanish, French, English, Italian, Polish and Swedish.
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A telephone interpreting service for business. Over 100 languages available.
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Conference & Business Service
Event management and technical support for simultaneous interpretation, multimedia, and conferencing equipment.
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Conference Interpreters Group
Conference interpreting by 21 interpreters. How to hire an interpreter. Based in London, UK.
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Dialog international
Interpreting conferences in English, French and German. Based in Munich, Germany.
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Dialogue Conference Interpreters
Conference interpreting by 6 interpreters in Toronto, Canada.
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Conference interpreters and translators. Offers interpreting, translation services, plus background information about languages.
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Network of 17 interpreters, in all European languages, based in Berlin, Germany.
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Supplies simultaneous interpretation facilities in the UK.
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French and English Communication Services
Interpreting between French and English, and translation of documents in international and Canadian French and US English.
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Hebrew Interpreter
Certified court interpreting in Hebrew and English.
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Heidrun Wolf
Conference interpreting, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, and translation, in English, German and Italian.
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Network who can help you find professional conference interpreters.
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